AB / MWD Jump trick

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AB / MWD Jump trick

Post  Dante Mynx on Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:27 pm

Keno Skir wrote:
The AB Trick :

When you are ready to warp (just jumped through a gate and cloaked on the other side) and have a destination locked, engage the warp drive as normal. As soon as you have clicked WARP you must engage the AB for 1 cycle (click it once to engage and then again so it flashes red).

When the AB disengages at the end of its cycle you will enter warp almost instantly, since you are now doing more than 75% of your original speed.

I use this trick for large indys and battleships and cut a good ten seconds off my Abaddons warp time.

EDIT : Also, the great thing about this trick is it works better for newbies than for vets since training the AFTERBURNERS skill increases AB cycle time (saving power but increasing indy warp time).

Forget the AB trick, and learn the MWD trick... Same principle, but there are no skills that increase the MWD's 10s duration. Additionally, you can fit an improved cloak on a ship, cloak your ship at the start of the mwd cycle (making you untargetable), and then uncloak right after the cycle ends while spamming warp...

This annoys lowsec gate campers, as they have to decloak you before that 10s are up. When executed properly, they won't have time to lock you before you initially cloak up or nor when you decloak and warp away.

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